Driving Media Engagement at CES 2017

January 27, 2017

There’s nothing quite like kicking off the year at the biggest technology tradeshow in the world – CES. This year, I supported our client Elektrobit, a pioneering provider of embedded and connected technology to the automotive industry.

For Elektrobit’s marketing team, CES 2017 provided an opportunity to showcase how the company is defining the future of mobility with innovation. EB’s newest solutions enable carmakers and Tier 1 automotive suppliers to develop and bring to market highly automated and fully autonomous driving systems. There can be challenges associated with demonstrating an embedded software solution at a consumer show, but when coupled with a fun technology demo, and two news announcements, we were able to support the marketing team’s mission by taking a three-pronged approach to our media relations:

1. Reconnect with media we already know such as Car & Driver and The Roadshow by CNET, and work with regularly to reinforce Elektrobit’s position as a pioneer in the industry who is defining the future of mobility through innovation;

2. Educate new media/analyst contacts such as Inside Unmanned Systems and IDC Research, about autonomous driving and offer EB’s executives as thought leaders deeply involved with what’s happening in the industry;

3. Create a relaxed environment where a handful of journalists could spend an evening with EB’s executives to build stronger relationships and rapport, and have more candid conversations about the industry. Larger events and mixers often don’t provide the best opportunity to really connect, but by providing a comfortable interaction, it’s a win for everyone. Four important influencers have actually become regular attendees of this annual event because it’s an opportunity to learn.

Autonomous driving was one of the hottest topics at CES this year and we had the opportunity to meet with and educate media from outlets that are less connected to the traditional automotive industry publications WIRED, Embedded Computing Design, PC World and more.

We also developed a social media strategy to highlight how EB is defining the future of mobility with innovation including pre-show and live/from the show floor posts on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn. EB featured a fun demo in its booth this year, demonstrating its self-driving software platform in 1/8 scale model cars. This was a big draw for the booth and great imagery for social media.

Overall, the show was a great success for Elektrobit. Executives interacted with 35 press and analysts at the show and we’ve already seen double digit unique pieces of coverage post less than a week after the show ended. We’re also actively following up with the folks we met with for follow-on interviews and contributed article opportunities, further expanding the impact of the show presence. Showcasing embedded software at a consumer show is no easy task, but with creative technology demonstrations and strategic communications, Elektrobit is making it look quite easy.