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― Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom

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Xilinx Shoots for the Stars with Powerful Space-Grade Adaptable AI Processors

Modern FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) are more than just re-programmable on-the-fly chips that engineers can customize at will for cutting-edge compute applications. FPGAs have evolved into intelligent, adaptable processing engines that will be critical in burgeoning markets like machine learning and 5G wireless infrastructure, since the rate of evolution and innovation in these arenas moves so quickly. Other markets that rely on FPGA technology to drive innovation are space and satellite applications, but the requirements here are substantially more environmentally robust. As such, Xilinx’s announcement today of its new 20nm Radiation Tolerant Kintex UltraScale XQRKU060 series FPGAs should play well for next-gen designs in a myriad of space-grade applications.

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Breakaway Communications

Breakaway Communications is a full-service, integrated communications firm specializing in building awareness and thought-leadership for B2B and B2C technology companies.

Breakaway’s expertise is broad and deep in technologies that matter most today, including connected transportation and smart cities, immersive video technologies, machine learning/artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, among others. We have deep experience with embedded and enterprise software and systems, cloud services, semiconductors and more.

With offices in San Francisco and New York, and agency partners around the world, Breakaway Communications delivers global programs that encompass traditional PR, social media campaigns, content development and marketing communications for innovators of all sizes, ranging from startups to global corporations.

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“For someone like me, who has a good deal of experience covering the traditional auto industry but not so much the ‘new’ auto industry, Breakaway’s staff has helped deepen my understanding of the connected-car and Smart City spaces and connect me with experts who inform my coverage.”

“There’s a ton of data streaming off cars today, and Breakaway’s staff grasps how important that is not just for cars and the auto industry, but for Smart Cities looking to glean new insights from this information. As a reporter, they help make sense of those opportunities in a way that really provides meaningful insights in my coverage.”

“There are a lot of companies today that present themselves as experts in the mobility space, but few that can actually provide detailed insights. Breakaway is one of the latter, and I love working with their team to deepen my understanding of the way new data-rich technologies can broadly benefit transportation and Smart City planning.”

~ Pete Bigelow, Senior Reporter, Automotive News

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