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Breakaway and Ricoh Win Platinum Marcom Award

We are very excited to announce that Breakaway along with our client Ricoh were awarded the Platinum Marcom Award in the “Publicity Campaign” category for our launch of the Ricoh Theta S!

Our goal was to position Ricoh as a pioneer and innovator in consumer technology , as well as to build brand awareness for the amazing Theta line of spherical imaging cameras. The Theta S was featured in over 100 high-visibility outlets (and counting), including USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, CNN, WIRED, Mashable and many more, reaching an audience of over 275 million, and resulting in more than 14k twitter mentions.

It has been a pleasure working with the Ricoh team to build awareness of and interest in the Theta, and to introduce a new way to think about capturing images!

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Why 360 video is the next big thing in tech
USA Today
"The world is one big round place, and the problem is, we’ve been looking at a cropped view of it for way too long.

But thanks to new technology advancements in cameras and online algorithms, we can now zap open our smartphones and see all around us — in front, back, to the left and right, above and below, in full spherical, 360 view."

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